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4200 Crescent Industrial Dr. Pontoon Beach, IL 62040

Reconditioned Appliances in Pontoon Beach, IL


Appliances are great, until they break down.

Call the experts when your home devices fail.

Company is coming over. You've just put a beautiful pot roast in the oven, but it won't turn on. And you can forget about microwaving it, if you do you'll never have guests again. You've only got a few hours until the festivities start and your beef is still one step away from grazing. You need to do something and do it quickly.

Give us a call, our service vans are ready to go.

Don't panic when the oven breaks down, or any other appliance malfunctions, just give us a call at Reconditioned Appliances-North. Our vans are fueled up and our technicians are ready at a moment's notice to come to your rescue. We'll have your oven stewing before that beef starts mooing. Call us today and keep your company coming.

Call 618-931-9850 for expert appliance repairs.

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